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Oldskool drumcomputers

Ace Tone Rhythm AceWersimatic WM-24Kawai Rhythmer R-1AMattel Synsonics drums, anlog
Sound Master StyxSound Master StyxRoland TR 505 Roland TR 606
Roland TR 707Roland TR 808Roland TR 909Sequential Circuits Drumtraks
Old skool drummachines ! Can't beat that sound and the more the better.
Ace Tone Rhythm Ace was a basic rhytm box with preset rhythms and a lovely quirky sound. The Wersimatic and Kawai Rhythmer are like that. The Mattel Synsonics drums can be played by four pads. The sounds are analog, tweakable 80's tom sounds with additional programmable kick, snare and lovely hi hats cymbal. The Soundmaster Styx machines are like the vintage Boss drummachine and offcourse the Roland TR series have set the standard, mostly with the 606 drumatrix (pic following soon), the 909 and my most beloved 808. The Sequential Circuits Drumtraks has some rude Eprom sample based sounds.

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