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Tomy Dashboard / Cockpit

Early 80's you had these Tomy and other brands toy cockpits. They looked very impressive with a lot of handles, knobs, lights and noise.
The screen suggests a computer feature but is in fact an ingenious electro-mechanical system: A light with a rotating plastick screen with a print of a road and vehicles. Your car on the screen is glued on a plastic stick. By steering the wheel it moves left or right while the racecourse rotates under it.
The airplane cockpit actually gives pretty realistic simulation of a flight, the 20 seconds before you crash into the ground to be exactly... It's paranoid ! The screen runs crazy and the noise drives you(r parents) mad ! The guy doing the video review of the racing car version sums up the features and fun perfectly!

Tomy Police car cockpitTomy Police car cockpitTomy Airlplane cockpitTomy Airlplane cockpit
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Tomy Racing Turbo Review
Also known as the Tomy Turnin' Turbo Dashboard. Great.Does your child want to experience the joys of driving? He does? Well tough tits - he'll have to put up with this bizarre contraption inste...

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